Top Notch Breaks

Rule #1 – If a person owns teams that represent more than 50% of a card, they will receive the card automatically.

Rule #2 – For each team a person owns on a card, their name will be put into the randomizer on multiplied times the total number of spots/teams they purchased in the break.

How is the player’s team determined?
A card’s team in a group break will be determined by the team stated on the card, THE LOGO OF THE TEAM ON THE CARD, regardless of what uniform the player on the card maybe wearing.
Redemption cards will be awarded to the team specified on the official checklist for the product.

How many times do we use the randomizer?
We use for all of our breaks that require a radomization. We always roll the dice to see how may times we use the randomizer for everything it is needed for.


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